Classic Dating Moves Guys Always Forget to Do


Dating can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, and sometimes, in the midst of planning a date, guys may forget some classic moves that can truly make a difference. These small, thoughtful gestures can go a long way in creating a memorable and enjoyable date experience. In this article, we’ll explore classic moves that guys often overlook on dates, helping you leave a positive and lasting impression.

Part 1: The Art of Chivalry

  1. Open the Door
    • A simple yet timeless gesture. Hold the door open for your date when entering and exiting venues.
  2. Offer Your Jacket
    • If the weather turns chilly or your date seems cold, offer your jacket without hesitation.
  3. Pull Out Her Chair
    • When you arrive at a restaurant, show courtesy by pulling out your date’s chair before she sits down.


Part 2: Thoughtful Conversation

  1. Active Listening
    • Pay close attention to what your date is saying. Engage in active listening and respond thoughtfully.
  2. Compliment Sincerely
    • Offer genuine compliments about her appearance or personality. Be sincere and specific in your praise.
  3. Ask About Her Interests
    • Show interest in her hobbies and passions. Ask questions to get to know her better.

Part 3: Thoughtful Gestures

  1. Bring a Small Gift
    • Consider bringing a small, thoughtful gift, such as a bouquet of flowers or a book related to her interests.
  2. Offer a Hand
    • Help your date navigate tricky terrain or stairs by offering your hand for support.
  3. Small Surprises
    • Surprise your date with a small, unexpected treat or gesture during the date, like a favorite snack or a heartfelt note.


Part 4: Punctuality and Respect

  1. Arrive on Time
    • Being punctual shows respect for your date’s time and demonstrates your commitment to the occasion.
  2. Put Away Your Phone
    • Keep your phone out of sight during the date to give your full attention to your companion.
  3. Respect Boundaries
    • Always respect your date’s personal boundaries, whether it’s physical or emotional.

Part 5: Be Decisive

  1. Plan Ahead
    • Take the time to plan the date and have a clear idea of where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do.
  2. Offer Suggestions
    • While having a plan is great, be open to your date’s suggestions or preferences and adapt accordingly.
  3. Handle the Bill Gracefully
    • When it comes to paying the bill, offer to cover it. If your date insists on splitting, be gracious and accept her choice.


Part 6: Escort Her Safely

  1. Walk Her to Her Door
    • After the date, walk your date to her front door to ensure she arrives safely.
  2. Call or Text After the Date
    • Send a courteous message after the date to thank her and express your interest in seeing her again.

Part 7: Stay Positive and Engaged

  1. Maintain Eye Contact
    • Maintain good eye contact throughout the date to convey attentiveness and connection.
  2. Stay Positive
    • Keep the conversation upbeat and avoid negative topics or complaints.
  3. Plan Future Dates
    • If you had a great time, express your interest in planning future dates and getting to know each other better.


While grand gestures can be impressive, it’s often the classic, thoughtful moves that leave a lasting impression on a date. Chivalry, active listening, small surprises, and respect for your date’s preferences can elevate your dating experience and help you build a genuine connection. Remember that every person is unique, so adapt these classic moves to suit your date’s personality and comfort level. Ultimately, a successful date is built on mutual respect, engagement, and the desire to create a memorable and enjoyable experience together.

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